Welcome to Labs Adored, a small family Labrador breeder in Tennessee.

As a small family Labrador Breeder:
  • we provide one-on-one care and attention that larger facilities may not
  • we take pride in providing sound, healthy companions
  • we are committed to integrating obedience training, and have well socialized pups, as this is where it all begins

Welcome to Labs Adored, a small family Labrador breeder in Tennessee.

From the health of our Dams, through the birthing process, to eight weeks of life, we are consistent in our attention to detail, foundational manners, disposition, calm temperament, and social interaction of our Labradors.

We start our pups, at three days old with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) training, which help stimulate the neurological system, and in return, helps with growth and development of a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. 

We are confident that with the hard work, energy, and passion we have for our dogs, giving them a great foundation from birth, it will be seen in your Forever Labs as they go to their new homes.

Welcome to Labs Adored, a small family Labrador breeder in Tennessee.

We strive to maintain the highest of social characteristics in breeding, excellence in all Health Screenings, Embark Genetic Health Screenings, OFA Hips and Elbows, and Eyes.

Our goal is to provide a lab pup that will not only be an amazing quality companion, but also trainable, eager to please, loved, and ready to be a part of wherever your adventure takes him or her.

Our Dams are bred with champion bloodlines, to ensure the quality of our breed.

We are at the forefront of all the genetic and medical health concerns and we continue to strive to be better and are constantly integrating new techniques and tools to bring you the best quality of Labrador in intelligence and temperament.

Why health and temperament are important.

Why is it important to find a lab that is more than just AKC certified?

Choosing the right Labrador for your family is an important and personal decision. When you're buying a pet to share your home, family life, and make memories with, you don't want to just land on the first 'opportunity' that comes along. Doing your research and knowing what to look for is important. Like the saying goes, “You don't know what you don't know.” We're here to answer your questions and hopefully make the process easier for you.

Anyone can register their pet with the AKC, so don't let that fool you. In addition to being purebred registered, we do genetic health screenings that look for unidentified genes and genetic health problems. Our dogs come with a clear hip scoring elbow grading, clear eye testing, heart testing clearance, and DNA clearance of any genes that prohibit the highest quality and health of our labs. Once results come back from the EMBARK, we register our results with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals). By participating in these screenings and clearances through the OFA, we can be sure that our breeding yields healthy puppies. Since 1966, THE OFA has been able to track these diseases. This gives us information about genetic diseases across generations, allowing us as breeders, to be at the forefront of this information to keep our breeding practices and pups safe. As a result, we are welcomed as responsible breeders and are giving you the best possible outcome of a pup that you can enjoy for a full and healthy life.

The tests we have performed make sure we are clear of are extensive and can be checked on by our OFA link. As you can see, canine genetic health screening is mandatory for our breeding practice, and we follow the results and testing very seriously.

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